Take the first step… a URL

Then take another. Accomplishing your dreams begins with action. What you do today determines what is possible tomorrow. With one accomplishment per day, you too can build an empire. What should that first step be?

For me step zero is to laugh and ponder, but we’ve gotten beyond that phase. You have an idea in your head. It may begin with a silly moment, a punny business name – buy it! There are few things as powerful as a laugh.

Choosing a Website URL

cRUUDEsign, CRUUDEsign, CRUUdesign. Yes, we can be rude and crude, but more than that we are crew. My initials are CRW, but CRUU rolls off the tongue nicely. Do something that represents you. I’ve a host of other projects such as https://faultedgeologist.com and https://efficientsee.biz, and they do something in the mind which helps set them in place.

Mnemonic devices are powerful, and associating a place with a memory aided Aboriginals to have superior memory strategy to other modern tactics. Take a moment to think about your surroundings, then take your first step! Buy a URL – a website address that you own – and make it what you want it to be.

Website URL Naming Guidelines.

  • Local economy only? Use a local name.
  • Buy the .com unless your industry is represented.
  • Non-profits use .org; many new suffixes exist now.. call me!
  • Choose a short url.

If you decide on something different, you are only out $20ish and can resell the URL. Hosting is the next step, and it begins at only $3ish per month! You can launch your site live on the internet with no ads and crap for around $60 per year! If you are going big and are not code savy, GoDaddy has solutions that keep it simple, silly! I’ve been coding since 2005 and still can’t stand it! KISS!

Call me to discuss options and make your first steps in 2022!