CRUU has a web design history spanning 17 years. In this time websites went from a left navigation column and right side content block to a mobile-first design utilizing HTML5 and CSS3. Now most of the sites being built are CMS (content management system) database driven, where your work can be backed up and adapted to new templates with a GUI (graphical user interface). See some of the examples below, where I still use text editor to code and manage the whole package.

Forever Vinyl DJs

Forever Vinyl DJs homepage screen shot

My first website was built on a free service, and contained a header for the service provider. Wanting to move beyond that model, I contracted GoDaddy services around 2007. The site has seen changes by the thousands as content and standards evolved. Coding is managed in a text editor using HTML5 and CSS3, with a little PHP; no JavaScript or other code exists on the site. The formatting is now getting old, with position:relative and display:block still controlling the flow of the page.

As one of the original responsive, mobile-first websites on the internet, I was using HTML5 before it was a full standard. Many changes resulted in the full-width images and simplified menu system with the basic engagements in the top navigation and a More link leading to the footer section with full navigation in columns.

Faulted Geologist

Faulted Geologist homepage screen shot.

My Environmental Science and Geology pursuits have taken over the original content of local outdoor trail maps. Around 2020 I created my online resume as a page in the site to allow more details, a showcase of structure, and downloadable documents. The header image is the Sawtooth between Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans in Colorado, a circuit I finally soloed in 2021. The site still utilizes the same structure as Forever Vinyl DJs.

Efficient See

Efficient See homepage screen shot.

As my pursuits were ‘taking off,’ so did my hand-coded FlexBox website for Efficient See. Ditching the old absolute with clears, FlexBox code promises more control in a simpler manner for aligning items (if you can wrap your head around the changes instigated by other code above it). The end-result looks almost the same, but the mechanics are drastically different.


Company Logo design should represent the business, incorporating shapes and colors that match the purpose.

Forever Vinyl DJs Test Pressing 45rpm Logo